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How to Recover Hard Drive Password?

People always need password to protect their privacy, trade secret, or other things. Once your hard drvie password activated, user cannot access the hard disk drive until correct password is entered. However, we often set too many passwords in different places and mess them up. If you forgot your hard drive password, what will you do?

In order to recover hard drive password, you may consider to restore your system but the important files are lost. There is no need to do that. You can use Hard Drive Recovery Software to help you recover hard drive password. It is specially designed for Windows users to recover lost files from hard drive, find password, clone partitions and do other things to speed up your PC.

Hard Drive Recovery is easy to use and powerful, so you may use it to be your assistant in managing your computer and follow us to learn how to reset hard drive password.

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Quick Start: How to Reset Hard Drive Password?

Step 1. Launch the program, and choose Password & Key Finder to start recovering hard drive password.

run hard drive password recovery

Step 2. In the Password Finder panel, you can see many options that can help you recover different kinds of password. You need to choose the password to want to recover, and then click Next.

select password to recover

Step 3. When you finished choosing the right password to recover, and then click Export to export the password you want to reset.

After you get the original password, you can either open the files or change the password to one that is easier to remember. Hard Drive Recovery is simple to operate, so it is well worth ordering.

Only $49.95